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Not entirely sure if this belongs here, as it's not strictly speaking erotica. But I think it'd be rather sexy if it was written for you, so there you go.

~*Lady Lillith*~

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Title: Control
Rating: R

This is a Smallville fic inspired by the RPG written by me, tawg, and now solaris_foxx. Contains Lex Luthor and a nameless OC. Connected to episode 4.09 - Bound but contains no spoilers. Just PWP. Thanks to tawg and theladylillith for helping me out with it.

Lex knows exactly what he is doing...Collapse )
Waterfall Gully
bored bored
El Tango De Roxanne - Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
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Title: Clutching at Straws
Author: tawg
Rating: M
Status: complete (one shot)
Warnings: involves angst, assorted combinations of men and women and whatnot.
Disclaimers: This may be the tamest erotica to be posted here ever, but I figured I'd leave the hardcore gay porn to my second post, at least.
Summary: It’s hard when the things in your life change. It’s worse when they stay the same.

Clutching at StrawsCollapse )
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Thought I may as well get the ball rolling here… This is just the beginning of a story… I can’t seem to actually get the sex part to work tonight… Feel free to finish it off for me, or even just give me suggestions or whatever.



frustrated frustrated
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First, let us set out the ground rules.

This is a community for the sharing of erotic stories, be they fictional, or non-fictional in nature. As such, there aren't many rules.

The only real rule is that all parties in you story must give (and be able to give) proper consent. As such, any bestiality, rape, or paedophilia stories will get you kicked out of the community.

Also, as this IS an erotic forum, don't read it if you're going to be offended by sex.

That being said, also don't be offended if people don't like what you've written. Be assured that anyone who is unreasonably rude or abusive will be removed just as quickly as if they'd posted the wrong type of story.

Other than that, just about anything goes.

Enjoy yourselves!

~The Lady

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